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"girlie" on Glassnote records noteworthy 01 comp

Newest single "Girlie" included on new comp curated by Glassnote Records and led by Jenny Kaufman (A&R/Creative Director) and David Jacob (Business Affairs) to support New York City artists. 

Gimme Tinnitus x mirror universe mixtape to benefit the ACLU

Garage Band version of one of our favorite songs "Life" recorded specifically for this mixtape put together by our friend Bob at Gimme Tinnitus and released in tape form by Mirror Universe. Features other local faves like Big Ups, Vomitface, Parlor Walls, Dead Tenants and all proceeds benefit the ACLU, so get your copy now.

It's Always Something...


THICK's first EP, out October 30, 2017. Featuring songs about getting older, gaining responsibilities, partying too hard and enjoying it all.